Contemporary Western
Erotic Romance Novel

Two years after leaving home to make his own fortune, Joshua Bradley has finally returned to the Bradley Equine Ranch—and to Tessa McCade, the sexy ranch manager with whom he shared a single steamy tryst.

Tessa now owns the ranch like she's always dreamed—but it's in trouble. Dozens of horses have been lost and she's on the brink of bankruptcy. To save his family's business, Josh offers to buy it from her...and share the ranch house with her once again.

Tessa chafes at needing Josh's help, but she's never forgotten the taste of pleasure Josh gave her so long ago. Soon, neither of them can resist the desire mounting between them, and unleash a passion that is even more powerful than Tessa's pride...

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TESSA’S PRIDE by Olivia Brynn is an interesting modern western romance. It is the first book I have read by this author but will not be the last. It has everything a reader could want. It has romance,hot sex,deception, mystery,horse ranch,horse breeding,ranch life, and finding love. This is a fast paced,quick read that has hot sex,and a passion for horses with a deep connection between Josh and Tessa.

April Renn    My Book Addiction    Website   

As this was my first read by Ms. Brynn, I had no expectations when I started to read this book. Now that I've finished, the bar's been set and I've learned to expect a good story with nice, well-drawn characters from her.

Dina    Dina's Reviews & Rants    Website   

If I found Olivia Brynn's novella here in a full-priced anthology, I would still feel like I got a good deal, as it's an excellent example of what a great novella can be: short, sweet, sexy, with a bit of intrigue to keep the pace fast and to balance out the sexy, and believable conflict between the characters that lends itself to a fairly quick resolution in 100 pages.

Chance of Books    Cloudy with a Chance of Books    Website   

Tessa’s Pride by Olivia Brynn is an extremely sensual read, but Joshua’s and Tessa’s romance is oh so sweet. Tessa and Josh are multi-faceted and well-developed characters and Ms. Brynn brings them vividly to life. Tessa’s Pride by Olivia Brynn is a compelling read with enormously appealing characters. A tight plot keeps the novel moving at a fast pace.

Kathy    Black Raven Reviews    Website   

Tessa’s Pride by Olivia Brynn is a very provocative tale, and I was intrigued by it. It’s very engaging and mesmerizing that I find it very hard to put down, I definitely recommend this book to those who love mature fictions.

Cleffairy    Website   

Tessa's Pride combined likable characters that you want to see together and a little bit of mystery. Tessa and Josh are great characters, and the plot was well paced with enough surprises to keep it interesting. This was the first time I have read something from Olivia Brynn, and it was well worth the time. I really enjoyed the book, and I look forward to reading more from her.

Julie Kearns    Forbidden Reviews    Website   

Tessa’s Pride is a sweet, very sexy, emotionally charged story... I really enjoyed this story. Tessa and Josh made for a fun, exciting hero and heroine, the sex was hot and the ending sweet. I’m so happy I chose to read Tessa’s Pride and will definitely be picking up more by this author!

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The very short prequel to Tessa's Pride.

Cowgirl Tessa McCade has a rare day off from Bradley Equine Ranch. She doesn't expect Josh's company.

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