Erotic Novella

Marienna Valdez really doesn’t like cops. They’re cocky with power complexes. Of course her ridiculously bad week at work is topped by a traffic ticket from the most typically smug cop in the Denver metro area.

But now she’s finally home, where she can take the edge off with a self-care session with her favorite toys. Of course, what should come barreling through her bedroom door but…another cop!

It doesn’t take a detective badge to tell SWAT team sniper Marcus Pearson just what he’s interrupted. If he just resolve the situation under her bedroom window, he can put down his rifle and take aim at her aversion to the badge…

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POSITION SECURED is a wonderful way to find release after a long day of work. How Marcus and Marienna finds one another will put a smile on your face. Olivia Brynn has written a wonderfully wicked romance that is sure to delight readers of all ages.

Suzie Housley    Romance Junkies    Website   

This is a hot, fun read when you're looking for a quick fix. Almost from the get-go, Ms. Brynn ramped up the heat, leaving you no room to heave even a quick gasp. The chemistry between Mari and Marc fairly sizzled, and the tangible hunger each felt for the other almost leaped off the pages.

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Position Secured by Olivia Brynn was short, sweet and fun to read. There is adrenaline, sex, passion and the risk of getting caught, which made the story worth reading. Olivia Brynn definitely has flair for bringing a man to his knees and Marienna has met her match in this SWAT guy.

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