Erotic Novella

Eric Layton is practically out the door before he realizes the phone call in the middle of the night isn’t his chief or a four alarm fire. It turns out to be a tipsy woman who’s dialed the wrong number, but the line goes dead before he can explain he’s not her brother.

His conscience won’t let him leave the woman to wait for a ride that’s never going to come, but nothing prepares him for the curvy, blonde, fireball waiting for him at the local dive. Eric is used to diving into dangerous situations, but he can’t let Josie tempt him.

She needs the protection he’d sworn to give.

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Fantastic Novella! This is the first time I have read anything by Olivia Brynn, and it will NOT be the last. I loved her writing style and her ability to not only tell, but show a story. This book has it all. I am still amazed that I came to fall in love with these two characters in such a short amount of time, but I did. The chemistry and the humor shared between Eric and Joanne was superb.

Rhayne    Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews    Website   

Last Call was a really fun read. Eric and Joanne are well written characters. I liked the way the story was written and the humor that was involved. Overall there is just this warm, playful feeling that enhanced the reading experience.

Tigger9    Website   

Fun quickie, I thought Joanne was very humorous she rambles and manages to embarrass herself completely but Eric, ever the gentleman doesn't take advantage of the vulnerable Joanne waiting until she is completely sober to see if there is something there. Would have liked it to be longer, but overall entertaining.

Em    Website   

This book was a surprising bit of erotic fun. I liked both of the leads very much. Could it have been longer? Yes. But this story story is a nice little bon bon that makes we want to read more of this writer

Cat    Cat's Books    Website   

This was a delightful novella. It had humor, passion, a misunderstanding, a smoking hot hero who was also a great guy and a heroine in need of a little assistance. This was my first Olivia Brynn story, but after this, it won't be my last.

Ms Romantic    Ms Romantic Reads    Website   

Three words about Last Call by Olivia Brynn are hot, short and sizzling. All in all, Olivia Brynn shined in Last Call but I wanted more of Joanne and Eric. Like I said, Olivia Brynn's latest, Last Call is a short and sizzling story from an author that will keep your attention until the end.

Melinda    Fallen Angels Reviews    Website   

I’ve enjoyed Olivia Brynn’s work in the past and the feeling certainly hasn’t stopped here. I would recommend this quick read for anyone looking for a little fun that’s a whole lot of hot around the edges.

Ragan    Happily Ever After    Website   

While this story was quite short, it was a good story that got the point across and made me want to get to know these characters better as each page turned.
Olivia Brynn is a new to me author and I was pleasantly surprised by this book that was packed full of heat and fun. If you are looking for a quick read that is well thought out and fun, then this is the book for you.

Dianthus    Long and Short Reviews    Website   

Last Call is a short, erotic romp by Olivia Brynn. Reading drunk Josie's antics and conversation was fun. Josie is a likable character that owns her own actions. Eric is a protective sweetheart. The beginning of their relationship is believable. It would be fun to read more about them later.

Bookgrrl1976    Night Owl Romance    Website   

The story walks a fine line between consenting adults and taking advantage of a situation. Thankfully, the author is able to quickly create a believable relationship between Eric and Joanne. This is a short, cute romp that shows that impromptu one night stands can sometimes turn into something more.

Dawn Crowne    Romance Times Book Reviews    Website   

This novella is a hot, smart, quick read but I can believe that these two would want to see each other again and take it from there. And good job inserting those cutesy “fireman” sexual terms. Amazing how many can be crammed into one conversation.

Jayne    Dear Author    Website