At Ease

Contemporary Interracial Short Story

Jaycee Hanson sits behind Tyler Johnson, ROTC Captain and star of most of her erotic fantasies. She doesn’t think he’d ever be interested in her, because in all the time she’s been watching him, she’s never seen him in the company of a white woman. She resigns herself to her thrice-weekly fantasy session during Psych 301. But when an accidental touch near the end of class turns into an impromptu foot rub, Jaycee is more than willing to follow Tyler wherever he might lead her. She doesn’t expect the stairwell. Tyler isn’t sure what to make of the woman in his arms. She’s smart as well as beautiful. If he’d had any idea before today that she was interested in him, he would have made a move, but each time he looked her way in the past, she avoided his gaze. Objections to their relationship come from an unexpected source, causing Jaycee to second-guess herself. She and Tyler have more than sexual chemistry, but will it be enough?


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17,000 word novella * Published 1/21/11

 ISBN: 978-1-41993-187-1

Editor: Jillian Bell     

Cover Artist: Syneca  Cinemacover: Booknibbles

4 Hearts

4 Hearts

This was a sweet and sexy read…The sexual chemistry is smoking hot and the love scenes are incendiary and not gratuitous. I enjoyed the fact that their connection went beyond the physical. The secondary characters are surprisingly well developed for such a short story … This is a good choice if you like your stories with emotion and eroticism and a subtle humor.

Reviewer, The Romance Studio

4 Stars

4 Stars

“The sex between them is positively smoking. A great short read.”

Reviewer, Night Owl Reviews

5 Tea Cups and a Recommended Read

5 Tea Cups and a Recommended Read

“I think this is such a good story that five teacups really doesn’t do it justice. I would give it ten teacups if I could.  I loved this book and you will love it for the romance, the writing, the plot, and the hot sex scenes that don’t shy away from real moments. Bravo.”

Reviewer, Happily Ever After Reviews